We are an innovative and flexible Indo-German Education Management company based in India and Germany. It is promoted by a group of professionals who have been in the field of student recruitment and job recruitments for more than a decade. With the vast experience in student recruitments, the promoters have been exposed to the education systems of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Malaysia etc.

Why to Choose “By Your Side International”

It is a mistaken notion to think that India is a homogeneous market. There are 29 states in India in addition to the capital city, Delhi, and six Union Territories. There are 22 official languages.From the capital New Delhi to the South Indian city of Trivandrum in Kerala state it take 5 hours of flying to reach. Distances, course preferences, purchasing ability and sensibility differ from state to state.  Each region has very different attitudes to money and education among other things. Course preferences and English language capability differ from region to region. North and South of India has entirely different cultures and attitudes to foreign education. In India, one size does not fit all. India is many countries in one. Hence all your courses are not going to have a similar pull factor in all parts of the country.

Recruitment can take up all the time of the International recruitment manager who will have to criss-cross the country meeting students, parents, school/college counselors and servicing  agency network. There will be a lot of unnecessary travel and time costs involved. There is no time then for a helicopter view of the partnerships and its progress. These  activities can be managed by us locally and with more efficiency and effectiveness. And you can get involved in  special events and programmes where your presence is really mandatory.


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