Agents can be a boon or bane depending on how you manage them. Today it is a myth to think that if contracts are signed with agents, the students are going to flow in loads. You will no longer find agencies specializing in one destination. To diversify their risk, agencies are compelled to promote multiple destinations to ensure that their business doesn’t shut down as different countries become attractive at different seasons. As an institution, you would want your agent to be fully knowledgeable about your product proposition. Training staff members at agencies is an ongoing exercise as employee attrition is an issue in this business. Signing an agent up is probably the easiest, but servicing them and holding them to your standards are the greater challenges.  As a local partner we can do that for you at a considerably lower cost in comparison to doing that from a foreign country travelling quite often to India.

When an agency needs support in counselling a student, we can do that from our side as we will be able to spent more time with the student and if needed at regular intervals. Indian students are shoppers and look at a wide range of options within countries and also apply to multiple countries. Hence, when we get an unfocused student rather than a very focused candidate, hand holding and counselling them is very critical for conversion.


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