Germany is a priority Country for education among aspirants in India. With a strong economy and the internationalization strategy, Germany has created a positive sentiment among prospective Indian students towards the country. There is a lot of interest among students to go to Germany as there are no tuition fees in many of the universities and other institutions. The German quality quotient is very high among the aspirants. In Engineering, Sincere, Management, and Hospitality; there is great interest among students for Germany. But an aggressive marketing is what is missing among the German institutions. The country is attractive and the stay back options are more luring to the students.

In order to exploit the opportunity, the universities and institutions have to make sure that they have a partner in India, who can help them createa a good network in India, to do ethical recruitment from India. Our local market knowledge and experience in sending students to Germany and Europe can greatly benefit these institutions. As an Indo- German company, we have one of our Directors based in Germany to interact with the institutions there and in Europe.


Canada continuous to be a destination of choice for education and settlement. With the demographic dividend that India enjoys; and Canada expecting the net growth in the labor force purely driven by immigration in the coming decade, Canada will be a natural choice for well qualified and ambitious Indian students.
 The SPP scheme has helped Universities as well as its Community Colleges for exponentially increasing their International student population.

 An aggressive focus would require having access to local knowledge, and ensuring that student interests and queries are served in a timely fashion. Designing programs that appeal to students in view of the future labor requirements of Canada will be a strategic move. As a dedicated local partner we would be able to support you through out the marketing and recruitment drive, so that optimum results are created.


 Australia has been for long a great attraction for Indian students. The Indian market is quite familiar to Australian systems. For the last few years, the market was down for various reasons. Now there is a renewed interest in the Indian market for the Australian Education. The new SVP scheme is a new approach and has generated interest in prospective students.

Adopting a new strategy for recruitment, knowing the changes and attractions of other markets for Indian students, is very critical in the new approach to student recruitment s. Our thorough knowledge of the Australian system and Indian market would provide you enough support to market your institution in the new context for a better result.


 The UK was the most popular destination traditionally for students  from India in a massive way. Attractions of other markets like Australia eroded the UK market for quite some time. Canadian market opening has again added a blow to the flow of students to UK. In addition, the changes in the PSW mode has also greatly affected the attractiveness of the market among the aspirants from India. But, UK still is a destination of choice for many. Institutions should do all the possible marketing activities so that their institution is in the top of the mind recall, when the situations become more attractive. At the present moment, efforts have to be made to attract the genuine students who would look at UK only as a study destination, rather than a Permanent Residency destination. Our expertise in the Indian market will be handy for you in your efforts.


USA has been a traditional dream destination for students. The fluctuations in interest has been very meagre for this country. There is always a good number of students who opt to go for studies  in USA. But off late, the attractions of other destinations have made some dent, in regional interests  towards USA. A carefully crafted marketing and focussed initiatives can increase the numbers to a different height. Our knowldege of USA and India can be of great benefit to instituions from USA for a better performance in the Indian market. The US universities are more attractive in India than the Community Colleges.

 New Zeland

 New Zealand institutions have been engaging Indian partners for marketing their institutions in India. The universities and ITPs have been engaging agents for recruitment and doing well for quite a few years. Now the attractions of other markets have affected the flow of students. But still NZ is a destination due to the attractiveness of the country and the population. The big Indian community, especially in the North Island, is an added attraction for the flow. Now a different marketing strategy by engaging a local partner to do the operational activity in India is a better mode in the platauing phase of student recruitment to NZ.  NZ still has the potential to attract the students as a peaceful country. Success of each institution depends on their marketing strategy.


 Netherlands has a good number of universities that have an internationalization agenda. English speaking population is an added advantage for this European country. There has not been any aggressive marketing strategy for educational institutions from Netherlands to establish a market in India. There are a great number of students who look at Netherlands with its proximity of Germany as a overseas Education destination. The stay back and the part-time work options are an added advantage, in addition to the internship provided for some of the programmes. Affordable fee is also another attraction. There is a first mover advantage for instituions that put their foot forward in the Indian market to tap the market to the full potential.

Your maketing strategy can be designed with our support and the visibility and student numbers can be greatly increased.

Scandinavian countries 

( Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland)

Scandinavian countries have a very good social security system which is very much a factor  among Indian students while choosing those destinations.  The strong economies of Sweden and Norway; and the best education systems there, are a great attraction for Indian students. Our knowledge of recruiting students to some of  these countries gives us a good knowldege of the systems there. Even though, there have been students going to these counties from India, the numbers have not been very aggressive  in the past.

An aggressive marketing strategy, with a thorough knowledge of the Indian market and its intricacies are very important for this. We can be your liaison office in India, and our German office will do the needful for greater interaction.


Spain has been trying to attract International students in the last two years. There has been some effort from Edu-Spain towards this. Even though Spain does not have many English programmes courses,  the courses that are available can be made attractive to the Indian student population. Cheaper fees in some of the government universities are a greater attraction for many students.  The easiness of learning Spanish is another added advantage.

 Universities with programmes in Medicine, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Management will be able to generate interest among Indian students. An aggressive marketing strategy is of great importance and building up of a credible agent network is very critical for the penetration of the Indian market. We are there to support you for this.


Ireland had a boom in overseas education a few years back and then there was a drop in the inflow.  But now there is renewed interest to Ireland for studies in the universities and colleges. The excellent visa support, student support has made the destination attractive for students. The presence of many International companies is an added attraction.  The presence of a large Indian population has made the stay comfortable for many students who have already been there in Ireland.

A refocused marketing of the institutions in Ireland can draw a good number of students from India.

Other European Countries

Other European countries like Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Lituania etc are also destinations in the overseas education radar of the Indian students. These countries have attraction for specific programmes. Some of the countries like Latvia and Lituania have a cost advantage as the fees are very low, compared to many other countries. Some of these countries are very attractive because of their Schengen status. Designing a strategy which is attractive to the Indian market is what will make institutions from these countries more attractive to the students. As these markets will be quite new to many of  the students in India, university should strive to get the first mover advantage by getting in to the Indian market early. We will support you in this endeavor.

 The next 8 years till the target year 2022, will also see more and more countries becoming aggressive in wanting to attract qualified international students. These are not just countries that have traditionally been recipients, newer players will launch into this space with attractive schemes. Well trained human resources as we all know can be game changers in the economic destiny of a nation. And as we march forward in this century, securing that asset will be more challenging and will also be a costly exercise



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