India is significant as the second largest source country for international students. With 50% of the population in this second most populous country in the world is under 25 years of age, and a growing economy which favourably impacts disposable incomes, India is a ‘must stop’ for countries promoting their education options world-wide.

As India is a huge country, it can be quite confusing for someonewho is trying to navigate the different markets for the first, second or even tenth time!  It is a place where institutions need staying power and a comprehensive strategy. And institutions need to speak to people on the ground in India as course preferences, purchasing power and attitudes to education all vary from region to region. Any institution that does not explore the Indian market, is missing a huge treasure of opportunity for Internationalisation. With the preferences of aspirants in India for foreign educaation destinations changes according to the attractiveness of the destination country, a well thought out and meticulous marketing strategy and effort are quite important. India is a great land of opportunity for foregin education instituions , provided the selling strategy is formulated knowing the Indian psyche.


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